Student Projects

Here you will find the research and proposals from the final projects of our Spring 2020 cohort of students enrolled in Title IX for a New Generation. If you are interested in finding out more about a particular project, please contact us with the specific project you are interested in and we can facilitate communication. These projects were presented at our first annual Title IX for a New Generation Colloquium, which can be viewed here.

Rethinking the Professional Role in Sexual Assault Response and Support: Cindy Trần (’20), Siona Sharma (’20), and Emily Schluper (’20)

This project sought to assess the current climate of Georgetown University professors’ engagement with combatting and responding to sexual assault on campus. Compiling our own qualitative research in addition to gathering peer-reviewed academic research, this project recommended a series of actions for Georgetown University related to Title IX orientation for professors as well as ongoing support they should receive as mandatory reporters.

New and Improved Sexual Assault Prevention: Escadar Alemayehu (’22), Katie Flynn (’21), Callia Karas (’20), Felicia Miller (’23), Olivia Mirek (’21), and Katarina Watson (’21)

This presentation investigates Georgetown’s current model of sexual assault prevention, and attempts to design a new and improved plan that centers survivors, utilizes a lens of intersectionality, and is community based and student created. As the statistics clearly indicate, the current model at Georgetown is not working. Our presentation aims to dream bigger, draw from a wide range of universities and research, and create a prevention program that is longitudinal, comprehensive, and ultimately effective.

Climate Survey on Sexual Assault Analyses 

Grace Bush and Laila Lapins 

Recommendations for GUPD Prevention 

Samantha Shekarchi and Claire Carney

Georgetown Redefines Masculinity

Andrew Adams, Nicolo Ferretti, Leina Hsu,

Joseph Hofman, Zahra Wakilzada 

Promoting a New Vision of Title IX 

Charlotte Brosnan, Teodora Lancaster, 

Kristen Pavlounis, Candice Powers, Miranda Wesley 

Title IX for a New Generation Next Steps 

Zahra Wakilzada